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Dynaview III
Mark Sensor Dynaview III with sensors Encoder and wheel assembly

Our Third Generation Print Repeat Length Monitor

Repeat Length.
These are two simple words, but so many factors can play havoc with how those two words measure up. The Dynaview III Print Repeat Length Monitor measures repeat length on-the-fly, while your job is running. Your press operator will know immediately if the print repeat length goes out of the targeted preset range.

The new, larger color screen now displays a large moving pointer with visual and text depictions of both the warning and limit settings and the target repeat length. Also shown is a running chart of recent deviation history. The screen also displays the total footage run on the present roll, the “Recipe” in use, any averaging being used, and the current time and date. Discretionary warning alarms can be set to sound or appear if the repeat length goes out of your target range.

The Dynaview III Print Repeat Length Monitor will pay for itself in just a short time with decreased waste and improved production schedules. You'll have significantly fewer reruns, reduced returned freight costs and improved customer relationships.

Easy To Use Dynaview III Manual (2.4 MB)
The compact backlit LCD monitor installs at the operator station with the photo cell and pulse tachometer mounting at the web. There is no separate keyboard. The touch-screen monitor displays full color.

Touch-Screen Job Retrieval
It is possible to store up to 576 different job setups at one time, making it easy to change jobs at any time. Setups are arranged in 24 folders, 24 setup per folder. No lengthy training is required. All setup parameters are menu driven with several display choices available. Two levels of built-in password protection are also included.

Per-roll report generation
Graphic or text reports can be generated for each roll of material processed. Several sampling schemes are supported. Reports can be printed, copied to a USB memory stick, or made available via a TCP/IP Ethernet network.

Integrates with your factory-floor information system
Optionally communicates via Modbus TCP to your Modbus Master. Dynaview exposes all it's sensor data plus a lot more. It will even remote it's recipe managment if desired.

It's So Affordable
Have you ever run 16 rolls, sent samples to the lab, and then found out the whole job was run out of spec? With the Dynaview III, your production people will know right now, as the job is running, that correct repeat length parameters have been maintained - not after the job has run or been shipped to your customer.

Dynaview III Specifications
Maximum Web Speed Special factory order for faster web: 2000 ft/min standard.
Minimum Repeat Length Standard 3" at 2000 ft/min or contact factory.
Resolution 0.01" divided by the averaging factor, i.e., if averaging 10 repeats, resolution is 0.001".
Chart Span Set in recipe.
Screen Update Rate Approximately 2 times per second.
Control Output 4-20mA output. Output is proportional to deviation from target length.
Control Output Gain Set in recipe.
Binary Inputs (2) Acknowledge and silence alarm; roll change signal.
Binary Outputs (2) Warning and limit alarms.
Wheel Calibration Factor Set in recipe.
Recipes 576 in a two-level selection structure.
January 15, 2012
Porcine Associates starts shipping the DynaviewIIIb that features a much higher resolution screen.
January 5, 2011
Porcine Associates finds a problem with the naming of recipes and folders in the Dynaview III and Dynaview IIc. Read more here
November 15th, 2010 
Porcine Associates acquires the manufacturing and marketing rights to the Dynaview product line. All inquires about any of the Dynaview models should be directed to Porcine Associates. Dynaweb continues to manufacture and sell their web tension controls and other related products.

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